Yoga: Because life is about balance!

Fight Gravity Fitness has been working on building its yoga program as a great way to balance the strength exercises on the TRX.  Stephanie and Ella provide a great balance between stretch, flow, and mediation to leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated.  We currently offer classes at 5:10pm on Mondays, 6:10am on Thursdays, and 8:00am on Saturdays.  One of these classes in addition to a couple TRX classes spaced out through the week is the perfect recipe for a sustainable effective program.   More classes and park options to come, first class is free, come see the FGF difference!

Our TRX workouts are for everyone!

Often times when asked a lot of people don't know what trx straps are or just how effective this fitness tool can be for all levels.  One of the great things about this piece of equipment is the vast number of exercises it allows for while working all muscle groups on various levels.  Here at FGF our goal is to cater to all fitness levels and help you safely and effectively progress into obtaining your fitness goals.  Our small class size combined with the best fitness tools in the market will ensure each client is set up for success.  Come check out one of our classes, first is FREE!