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Welcome to Fight Gravity Fitness!  

Located in the RINO Neighborhood of Denver, we offer a balance of programs to meet your fitness goals.  All skill levels welcome! 

- One on One Private Sessions

- Semi-Private TRX Classes

- Yoga Classes

Without the distractions of a big box gym, we pride ourselves in varying and creative workouts with the goal of maximizing results. Our programs include 24/7 support and nutrition coaching. 

Find out more!  Give us a call at 303-351-2846

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Nicholas Butler - Founder

Nicholas Butler - Founder


"I have been working with Nick for almost a year now and have had a wonderful experience. Nick is a true professional when it comes to his Personal Training: he is always punctual and has my workouts written in advance. The whole time I have worked with Nick, no two workouts have been the same, which has really kept me motivated and engaged - I have also seen great results in my weight and general fitness level. In addition to Nick's professionalism, knowledge, and expertise, Nick has an endlessly optimistic and positive attitude that is very contagious. Working with Nick has had a lasting impact on my fitness, health, and general well-being. I cannot recommend him enough!"*   -Katherine T *(Disclaimer: Actual results will vary from person to person and depend on many variables)