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"A balanced Approach for a healthy life!"


Welcome to Fight Gravity Fitness!  

Located in the RINO Neighborhood of Denver, we offer a balance of programs to meet your fitness goals.  All skill levels welcome! 

- One on One Private Sessions

- Semi-Private TRX Classes

- Yoga Classes

Without the distractions of a big box gym, we pride ourselves in varying and creative workouts with the goal of maximizing results. Our programs include 24/7 support and nutrition coaching. 

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Nicholas Butler - Founder

Nicholas Butler - Founder

Partner Training?  - Pet Friendly Training Environment

Partner Training?  - Pet Friendly Training Environment

TRX Dumbbell Assisted Bulgarian Squats

TRX Dumbbell Assisted Bulgarian Squats

Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

Balance and Core Strength Training

Balance and Core Strength Training

Creative and Challenging Workouts!

Creative and Challenging Workouts!

TRX training for whole body strength!

TRX training for whole body strength!

Resistance Training

Resistance Training

Nutrition is key to maintaining a fitness lifestyle.

Nutrition is key to maintaining a fitness lifestyle.

Why Choose Fight Gravity Fitness?


When you’re searching for fitness training and/or fitness nutrition coaching you have a wide selection of options in Denver or even where we’re located in the fast growing Denver River North (RINO) district.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “I wonder how I can find the best personal trainer?”

I’ll tell you why our customers choose us when it comes to Denver gym and fitness centers. 

Do you think it’s because we offer a wide variety of programs, e.g. High Intensity Interval Training – aka HIIT training?

Do you think it’s because we are flexible enough to customize every program to fit each and every client (something that would be hard to get at most franchise Denver health and fitness centers)

Is it because we don’t mind if you bring along your furry four-footed companion?


Here’s my four promises to you that will have you saying, "This fitness training program is OUTSTANDING!".

1. I LOVE What I Do

I love health, fitness and strength training.  I’ve been a Denver fitness personal trainer for over 6 years.  I train all types of people ranging from youths to seniors.  The best personal trainer can provide testimonials.  When it comes to Denver fitness, I get results and can prove it.  I love what I do and that translates to intensely caring about your health and fitness program.  Working together is what makes your fitness training successful.

It’s important to LOVE what you do because this isn’t a job, it’s my passion.  Always will be.

“Passion Trumps Everything” –  Dave Tate

2. Never Stop Learning, But Always Stick To What Works

Once you get into a health and fitness program, it’s easy to get into a routine and stop progressing.  It’s easy to think that you’ve got the right program and don’t need to change or learn anything new.  It’s easy to stop learning.

But that is the wrong thing to do.

One of the things I proscribe to in my life is to “always be a student” and to always keep learning. Always be improving and adding new skills to my training techniques. I am always striving to improve and learn more.

It’s important to stay current but always remember this quote “If you want to learn something new read an old book”.

One thing about the fitness field is that people are always looking for something new.

Here is what works to improve personal fitness and health.

Eating good healthy real food, working out 4-5 days a week, lifting weights, HIIT training, being positive, setting goals and getting your goals.

That’s not “new”.

But it works.

As a coach or personal trainer my job is my belief in my clients and my ability to challenge you, to bring out your best and, most of all, to believe in you.

So, always be learning, but remember it’s not how much INFO you have but the RESULTS you get.

Which leads me into my next point.

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

3. Get Amazing Results

My promise to you, bottom line, is to help you get results.

Of course results will vary from person to person. I don’t want to be that trainer that has clients for years that are making no gains or even worse they are worse with you than you joined.  I will not be that trainer.  You know the one that becomes friends with their clients, that takes it easy on them, the one that lets them slide on their nutrition, that doesn’t push them to get stronger.  You DON’T want that trainer.  And, you won’t get that from me.

You know why?

Sooner or later you are going to ask what exactly am I paying for and go somewhere else.

We are in the business of RESULTS and if you don’t get results then I haven’t done my job.

I can offer a variety of results - strength, fat loss, body transformation, nutrition programs, and more.

But come the end of the day I need to get RESULTS and improve your life.

We live in a busy, hectic time of life.  Right now we all have less time and free time than anything.  So if I can get results in a shorter period of time I’m sure most of you want this.  We always make it clear that our programs and results need to be part of your lifestyle and not just for 21 or 42 days, but in the end it’s about getting results.

My laser focus is on helping you get amazing results!

“Anyone can give you a workout, but not everyone can make you better” – Coach Martin Rooney

4. Remember It’s Not About ME, It’s About You

A lot of people who become personal trainers or coaches do so because they may at some point do a program, or a competition and get hooked on their results, and their accomplishments.

In our industry it’s somewhat of a narcissistic field.  You’re judged on how you look, how strong you are, how lean you are, and in many ways how good you look.

Many times someone will do a competition or two and then think “I love working out so I am going to do this for my job”, and they decide to become a personal trainer.  The problem is that these trainers think everything is about them, but it’s not, it’s NEVER about the trainer, it’s ALWAYS about the CLIENT.

I promise to never, ever, ever forget that.

It’s not about ME, it’s about YOU!

“You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it!”  - Author unknown.






"I have been working with Nick for almost a year now and have had a wonderful experience. Nick is a true professional when it comes to his Personal Training: he is always punctual and has my workouts written in advance. The whole time I have worked with Nick, no two workouts have been the same, which has really kept me motivated and engaged - I have also seen great results in my weight and general fitness level. In addition to Nick's professionalism, knowledge, and expertise, Nick has an endlessly optimistic and positive attitude that is very contagious. Working with Nick has had a lasting impact on my fitness, health, and general well-being. I cannot recommend him enough!"*   -Katherine T *(Disclaimer: Actual results will vary from person to person and depend on many variables)