Fight Gravity Fitness Video Gallery

Fight Gravity Fitness is a premier Denver Fitness and Personal Training Center in the fast growing Denver River North (RiNo) district.  When you're in the market for a personal trainer in Denver, be sure to check out the creative ways personal trainer and founder Nicholas Butler has put together workout programs to maximize fitness training results combining High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with TRX, Bosu, weights, and endurance exercises.  This unique training system can be used for people with all levels of ability sending your metabolism into hyper mode to achieve the ultimate amount of fat burning.  Check out our video gallery to see for yourself some the fun activities you too can do when you join us at the Fight Gravity Fitness Denver personal training center.

Snowboard Fitness Training

Denver fitness expert Nicholas Butler demonstrating an exercise snowboarders can use to get ready for this year's snowboarding season.  Using the bosu will not only work your legs, but will also engage and strengthen your core to increase your stamina and balance.

Bosu TRX Side Lunge

Combining the bosu with the TRX trainer while doing side lunges.  Adding the bosu will help you work balance and core strengthening.

TRX Hand Stand Pushups

TRX offers a wide variety of exercise all on one station.  Transitioning from exercise to exercise with minimal rest will quickly improve your endurance.


Are you ready for the ski season?  Come by Fight Gravity Fitness Denver's choice is functional personal fitness training and get some extra time in with some mogul training.  A little proactive training could save you a lot of sore muscles or even injury when you're out on the ski slopes in beautiful Colorado.

TRX Lifts

Eccentric (negative) and concentric (positive) contractions help you build strength fast.  The TRX is a great training tool to really increase the slow burn using only your own body weight and building the muscle you need to get to the next level.


This exercise combines two TRX lifts giving your core, biceps and legs a great workout.

TRX Jump Lunge

These TRX assisted jump lunges will really get your fitness training into the gear working leg strength, endurance, and balance.

Burpee Variations

Here's a way to add some burpee variations to your Denver HIIT workout.

Bosu Burpee Vairations

Adding a wide variety of exercises to your workout routine will help keep it interesting, work your muscles in different ways, and make your personal training more interesting and enjoyable.

Boxing Conditioning

Bruce Lee considered boxing among the best of the martial arts. The exercises involved in boxing training will really step up your metabolism and fat burning.

TRX Trainer Sample Exercises

The TRX suspension trainer can be used for personal training at all levels of conditioning and offers a wide variety of movements to ensure you get a complete body workout.

TRX Training Workout In Denver RiNO

Fight Gravity Fitness has added semi-private TRX group training sessions to it Denver personal training offerings.  Come join us and experience for yourself how you can get a great full body workout using the TRX suspension trainer.

TRX RIp Trainer

- Curtsy LunGEs

TRX Rip training is used to provide variable resistance enhancing both strength and cardio training.  It's a great way for personal trainers to add versatility to your workouts and train muscles in slightly different ways to ensure progression in your conditioning.

Bosu - Medicine Ball Burpees

Combining burpees with a medicine ball and bosu lift provides an exercise that will test your cardio endurance and really work your whole body strength.

TRX Rip - Bosu Combo

Try these TRX Rip bosu combo pistol squats to really get you core engaged for balance.

Wall Squat Jumps

Challenge your endurance with this very fun wall squat jump exercise!  Use this exercise for your Denver interval training.

Bosu Tricep Kickbacks

Move to the next level of conditioning by balancing on the bosu while doing your tricep kickbacks.

Dual Bosu

Dual bosu training exercises will work your front, side and back core muscles giving your the powerhouse you need for all your workouts.

TRX Side Lunge Rip Variations

Here's a sample of the variety of training available at Fight Gravity Fitness, Denver's best personal training!