First Class Free

Thank you for your interest in Fight Gravity, we are committed to providing you the best fitness services Denver has to offer. You reached this page because you live or work in the Denver area and we would love to have you check out our studio. Please chose a class below you’d like to try, fill out the form, and we’ll get you started!

Total Body Circuit Description

Forty five minutes, Trainers Choice of various equipment, rotating through stations hitting the whole body while incorporating cardio throughout to keep the heart rate up and stay in that fat burn zone!

TRX Total Body Training Description

Forty five minutes of Total Body Resistance utilizing bursts of Cardio followed by a mix of lower and upper body lifts.  Guaranteed to tone you up and work the core, previous experience is recommended.  We offer 3 Personal Sessions for $99 for anyone want to learn this awesome piece of equipment!

Vin: Align and Flow Description

Fifty minutes of a gentle vinyasa flow utilizing various props, a great way to jump start your day and stretch the body.  Mats available if you don't have one.

Yin: Restore and Recharge

50 mins of deep stretching and relaxing, a perfect compliment to our strength classes or a busy week. Come disconnect on your mat and discover the possibilities when you slow it all down!

Vin/Yin Yoga

50 minutes to balance your whole body. Utilizing both vinyasa style flow to stretch and strengthen, and Yin to settle and relax, you'll leave class ready for the whatever life throws at you!

Boxing and Barbells

Participants will spend 45mins rotating through a variety of exercises that utilize boxing for cardio and various strength equipment for muscle development! Don't be surprised to see some core as well!v


Class Schedule:

TRX Total Body 6:10am
Total Body Circuit 12:10pm
TRX Total Body 5:10pm

Vin: Align and Flow 6:00am
TRX Total Body 12:10pm
Total Body Circuit 5:10pm

Total Body Circuit 6:10am
Total Body Circuit 12:10pm
TRX Total Body 5:10pm
Yin: Restore and Recharge

Vin: Align and Flow 6:00am
TRX Total Body 12:10pm
Boxing and Barbells 5:10pm

TRX Total Body 6:10am
Boxing and Barbells 12:10pm
TRX Total Body 4:10pm

Total Body Circuit 8:00am
Vin/Yin Yoga: 9:10am