We offer Personal Training with a plan, each client is given a customized plan based on their goals and experience. We find a starting point and slowly build from there focusing on consistency and variety rather than intensity! Below is a review from a current client who’s lost over 40lbs this years, be sure to check out our other reviews on our google page!

Fight Gravity Fitness and Nick Butler are simply incredible! In the past, I have found it very difficult to stay consistent in going to the gym and getting healthy, but with Nick that's not an issue at all! My first workout session was completely free which I thought was a great way to see if this gym would be a good fit for me. Despite my initial nervousness about returning to working out from a long break, Nick made me feel completely comfortable and has been a constant source of encouragement and motivation ever since!

The gym is the perfect size for both personal training sessions as well as group classes. It also has a lot of really cool amenities which I think are unique and that I personally enjoy. There are spots in the gym where you can leave notes of positivity or encouragement, as well as read notes left by others. There is always great music playing which helps get you into a rhythm while working out. There's even a program where you can monitor your activity level and heart rate on the mounted TV as you exercise - it's really rewarding to see yourself reach the "fire" zone! Another really cool perk I enjoy is no two workouts are the same. Nick spends time thoughtfully crafting a new workout for each PT session so that it's always something new and exciting. Personal training also includes nutrition advice and recommendations which I have found so helpful from both a cooking and accountability standpoint.

So far, I have only been attending personal training sessions at FGF, but I hope to soon incorporate some boxing or yoga classes from here as well! Thank you, Nick, for getting me excited about working out again and for being such a great trainer!

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