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Slow and Steady wins the Race!


Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay on the blog as many changes have been happening at the gym but classes are live and construction is over for the most part so excited to get back on here!

Today I want to touch base on the idea of how we approach our workouts in the sense of intensity and frequency.  In this fast paced society its easy often times to think that faster and busier is better.  Just as we manage our time and tasks in everyday life to ensure things are done efficiently, we should take this same approach with our fitness.  Here are a few ideas to consider:

One of the biggest misconceptions I feel we see in the fitness world is the intensity at which we work out.  While its important to challenge yourself to change yourself, I feel the title of this blog says it all with slow and steady wins the race.  Often times when we try to intensify or speed up our workout, form is compromised allowing for a higher risk of injury.  By finding a moderate pace and a higher rep count we are set up for long term success.  None of us are getting any younger and you want to approach fitness as a lifestylerather than an on/off program.  Its no secret life is full of ups and downs in every aspect, even fitness, but the key is to shorten the wave length and stay consistent.

Another common problem when approaching fitness is the frequency in which we workout.  Its important to listen to your body and space out your various fitness goals.  Keep in mind fitness has many forms and not just going to the gym.  Its important to take a look at the whole picture such as your schedule and activities.  Strategically come up with routines that allow the body to keep moving but focusing on different goals.  For myself personally I strive to lift 2-3 times a week, go to yoga 2-3 times a week, and do a form of cardio a couple times a week.  I've found this to be my perfect balance to ensure my body is taken care of and I'm still able to enjoy the activities I love.  Keep in mind everyone is different and you should take time think it through, let FGF help you get started!