Mindset for the New Year!

As the eve of the New Year approaches its always fascinating to me the energy and sense of renewal it brings.  It allows us to reflect on the past year and look to make adjustments to improve the year that lies ahead.  In the fitness industry we see a big push at the beginning of the year to instill good habits and work towards a happier and healthier physique.  While being conscious is great I think its important to understand the mindset and reality behind the big picture of overall health.

When it comes to mindset I think its important for us all to realize perfection is unattainable.  There is going to be speed bumps in every aspect of life including health and fitness.  Parties full of bad food, illness, injuries, and emotional strains are just some of the few factors that can derail our momentum and steer us back towards old habits.  The important thing to understand is there is no way to avoid these things but with a strong mindset we guide our self back onto the path of consistency!   Like my blog a few weeks back, I truly believe slow and steady wins the race so this year focus on staying consistently active when the new years energy wears off!