Classpass or Community? Its hard to have both...

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a blog post but the idea came to mind over my last few months of experience on this subject. To be clear starting out this isn’t meant to be negative towards classpass or any of its users. We truly appreciate everyone that comes into our facility and participates, this is just my take as a fitness professional on my experience with the platform. I think the concept is a brilliant idea and in some scenarios is a really good tool for those who may be a little busy or travel a lot for work. However as a fitness professional it makes it tough for us to give the instruction and long term plan for users as we only get to work with the clients at select times.

After over 10 years of experience in the field as well as going through my own personal weight loss journey the main takeaways I have are consistency and community. Without consistency you are just essentially running on the hamster wheel without progress. The word consistency has a broad meaning but I think overall its finding a balanced routine and doing your best to maintain that routine each week knowing there will be some interferences along the way. No matter what you’re looking to improve in life without consistent action it'll be hard to bring about change. At Fight Gravity we have created a balance of fitness classes strategically scheduled to ensure clients have the option to decide the intensity they are looking for as well as incorporating stretching in with their strength. It’s not all about the burn and in my opinion fitness professionals should encourage more balance rather that burn all the time.

If you have the consistency piece down that’s great but I think the other thing to tie in with that is having a community that helps support you and keep you accountable. At FGF we are just a small boutique so many of the members get to know each other and we have some pretty amazing conversations in class . The beauty of this is its pretty noticeable when someone hasn’t been in for awhile and as a community we do our best to check in with each other. We have various socials throughout the year for members to engage outside of the gym as well. This environment helps to ensure success because as a community with similar goals we know what each other goes through and are there to help encourage each other.

In conclusion, movement is key no matter where you are getting it just be sure to focus on a balanced routine and know that by belonging to a fitness community instead of just coming now and then your chances of success increase, especially with FGF! Have a great day!