What are you training for?

Today we discuss the importance of training specifically for our individual needs and the importance of balancing out workouts. Its no secret the fitness scene has imploded in the last couple years and we are seeing so many different styles being implemented. While creative and interesting I think it’s important to understand as fitness professionals it is still our obligation to focus on functional movement and give our clients the best recipe for success. As class pass becomes more and more popular I think its important to understand the benefit of a more structured routine.

Log on to any social media platform and its no secret to see that fitness is at the forefront of many posts. People are dancing around like crazy on bikes, hanging from the ceiling, or just trying find that insta post thats gonna get so many likes. While these platforms have been great for getting the word out they’ve made fitness professionals stray from the very foundation we were taught. At the end of the day a squat is a squat and bicep curl a bicep curl, sure you can find ways to progress and regress these exercises but always keep risk vs reward in the back of your mind. It is our job to set our clients up for success not risk injury to capture the perfect post.

That being said I think its important for the client to understand the functionality of their workouts, plan them out, and balance them out. When thinking about the functionality of your workout keep your goals in mind as well as your activities. Different styles of workouts will produce different results so we want to makes sure our plan of attack is conducive with our goals. That being said its important to plan and balance out your workouts. Classpass for example allows you to visit various studios all around town, while this great for variety I believe it often times leads to imbalanced or sporadic workouts. If we just did legs at another studio yesterday and the studio we chose to visit today is doing the same thing theres an imbalance. If we belong to just a circuit studio or yoga studio we may be missing key components such as flexibility and strength.

To conclude, be sure you are examine every aspect of your fitness routine to ensure you are getting everything you need to become an overall better athlete and improve your quality of life. In a world that strays from commitment don’t be afraid to stick to one gym, one that will set you up for success, one like Fight Gravity Fitness! Cheers!