The Many Faces of Fitness

It's no secret here in Denver that the fitness bug is out and studios are popping up on every corner.  With so many options it leaves many wondering what is the best type of workout for optimal wellness and how can I ensure my instructors know what they are talking about.  Below is a list of things to look for when choosing a fitness studio:

1. Convenience- I think this is one of the most important factors to ensure consistency in your fitness program.  A gym that is close to home or work ensures that we have multiple opportunities throughout our day to squeeze your workout in.

2. Goals- Like anything in life we should try to go into fitness with a plan, many people are focused on the intensity of the workout rather than the actual movement and results.  It's important to break down your everyday activities and chose a fitness program that compliments these.

3.  Community- Its important to chose a fitness community that will help hold you accountable ad has a vision in line with what you are trying to accomplish.  Why just have one workout buddy when you can find a community that is there to help you through the ups and downs.

4. Balance-  This may be one of the most overlooked aspect of fitness as many studios become niche and one dimensional in their workouts.  If you just do circuits/spin/yoga etc.  are you really getting the essentials to create a balanced physique?  Its important to mix up your workouts and highlight not only the strength and cardio aspect but flexibility as well!

5.  Credentials-  Never be afraid to ask your studio about their credentials and how they choose instructors.  Just because someone has the physique doesn't necessarily mean they know what their talking about.  We get one body so be sure to take care of it and keep yourself safe!

In conclusion there are many factors to look into when choosing a studio, the important thing is to stay consistent in your workouts and take on a holistic approach outside of the gym.  With these factors considered success is the end result!