What is TRX?

For todays blog I decided to explain a little bit more about the TRX and why I truly believe it is the best piece of fitness equipment out there.  It seems when you ask someone about TRX they either know exactly what you're talking about or have no idea.  The straps were created by a former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick, as a way for soldiers to workout and maintain their physique while in the field.  After his service Randy came back and put his idea into one of the fastest growing fitness companies out there.  They have created several other bi products such as the rip trainer which really help complete a well rounded line of functional products.

Jumping back to their original product, the TRX suspension trainer, which is predominantly what we use in Personal Training and Group classes here at FGF.  This product is suspended from an anchor point either on the ceiling or the wall and allows the client to move naturally while engaging the core throughout the workout.  Its easy adjusting straps allows for quick transitions between lifts and the positioning of your feet determines the resistance.  This allows for classes with a wide range of abilities as the progression and regression of the exercise is literally in the clients hands.  The greatest thing about the TRX in my opinion is its ability to target the core.  A strong core equals a strong body and with the TRX you get just that and much more.  Come check out our TRX classes and see the difference of functional training in a small group setting!  New client two week trial only $29!