Whats your style?

In the modern day fitness craze its easy to look around and go wtf am I supposed to do?  With so many styles being implemented and creative pioneers in the field putting together unique workouts its hard for newcomers to know where to start.  At the same time it leaves veterans wondering which is most effective vs trending and often times stuck with old habits or bad practices.  In my opinion as a fitness professional id say as long as you're keeping the body safe and consistently moving in a community that's right for you then keep it going!  Be mindful of erratic movement and fad nutritional diets, like anything research the program or facility and focus on consistency and longevity rather than frequency and intensity.

Here at Fight Gravity Fitness our main focus is client safety and steady progression.  We believe in functional movement and balance between workouts to promote overall body wellness.  Our goal is breakdown the movements of the body to accommodate various client abilities and goals.  Our TRX class flows between muscles groups for 40 minutes and pairs well with the50 minutes of relaxation and stretches the yoga classes provide.  We believe in balance between fitness and rest and encourage clients to aim for 2-3 workouts per week.  For a more in depth approach our personal training provides assessments, nutrition advice, custom workouts, and flexible scheduling.  For more information give us a call at 303-351-2846