Commitment and Consistency!

Today I wanted to touch base on what I feel are the two main components to living a health lifestyle, commitment and consistency.  Many of us have our own ideas of what we feel are healthy and routines that may or may not last.  The truth of the matter is none of us are perfect and we need to set realistic expectations and goals to ensure a long and healthy lifestyle!

First of all,  we need to focus on committing to a healthy lifestyle.  This doesn't mean swearing off pizza or beer all together but rather being conscious about what we are putting in our body.  Also committing to leading an active lifestyle that involves physical activities such as biking, hiking, walking, etc.  Being healthy is a choice and a commitment that you may stray from time to time but will remain focused on your overall health.

Lastly, you need consistency in order to achieve your health goals and consistency to maintain once you get there. Nowadays with fad diets and workout programs its easy for people to do the yo yo affect where they are focused for a short period of time and then fall off the map.  Being healthy is a choice and its not about being perfect all the time but rather being consistent in your nutrition choices and physical activity.  Let FGF get your started on the path to committing to a consistent healthy lifestyle today!