TRX and why it should be in your routine!

Today I wanted to revisit the many benefits and conveniences of the TRX suspension trainer.  Since I introduced this piece of equipment in to my fitness routine as well as my clients, the results have been out of this world.  No other piece of equipment today gives you a total body workout while allowing you to progress and regress in a moments notice.  Its lightweight collapsible design allows you to take the suspension trainer anywhere you go and set up virtually anywhere. 


I remember almost 5 years ago when I was first introduced to the TRX suspension trainer while training at Colorado Athletic Club.  I was young and naïve, wrapped up in the heavy Olympic lifts and overtraining.  I was very hesitant to give the TRX a try because I was set in my ways but after my first TRX class my life has changed drastically.  The more TRX trainings I take and the more hours I spend utilizing this tool just helps reaffirm why its the best product on the market. 

One of the best things about the TRX is how much you work the core while you work the rest of the body. The TRX does a great job of firing the abdominals and erector spine with out directly targeting it.  Most lifts are done in a standing plank position allowing for you to build strength where it most counts, the core!  When you move down to the ground studies show almost 30% more work in a TRX plank as opposed to regular.  Don't just take my word for it, schedule a free consultation and let FGF show you the TRX difference!

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