Human Interaction: Thing of the past?

As humanity continues to progress rapidly in technology and overall rate at which things get done we are constantly faced with varying decisions that can be deemed as either beneficial or negative to our overall health.  In the last 15 years alone we have expedited the rate at which information is passed along and even allowed for video interaction at the touch of a button.  While these things make it great to stay connected the other component of technology has taken away the vary thing that got us there, human interaction.

Its no secret these days we are all connected more, myself included, and mindless hours of technology is posing a serious impact on our society.  I recently joked about a Drake song after having a gathering this summer where about 75% of my guests asked me "about the code for the wifi."  Every coffee shop and now even other various commercial entities offer this service keeping people connected while at the same time disconnected.  We walk down the street with earphones in and if someone says hi they are seen as odd.  

As the fitness industry continues to advance, we still see it missing that one key component, building relationships.  Human interaction was the root of our rise, and helped us break down many barriers along the way.  Although online training and fitness trackers seem to be the trend, I can't help but think a handshake, smile, or building a relationship with someone won't always slightly edge the way of tomorrow.  Let FGF show you the old school approach, and lets build a better tomorrow together!

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