Are you doing enough or too much?

Today I want to touch base on the topic of undertraining and overtraining both of which have negative consequences.  I think for many people these days they would probably err on the side of undertraining but living in a healthy state such as Colorado we often times see things taken to the extreme.  There are several signs and symptoms associated with each and many ways to ensure you are getting just what you need.

When it comes to undertraining its quite simple many people these days just forgo physical exercise all together.  This doesn't mean coordinated activity in the gym but just getting out and about using mother nature as a workout.  This is due in part to technological advances as well as nutrition and substances which snowball and promote you to be lazy.  We are all aware when we are holding onto excess weight and could probably increase our activity.  The key is to start safely and build on your program.   This will keep you encouraged to continue so try setting small goals and chipping them out along the way.  Remember to fuel your body with good nutrition and listen to what it is telling you.

The other side of the coin is taking physical exercise to the extreme.  Don't get confused here, it is great to challenge the body and necessary to break through some mental barriers but keep in mind the body will break down.  Just like maintaining a car, we have to make sure we are taking care of the body through various methods and not running it into the ground.  There are several warning signs of this such as extreme fatigue, continuous joint and muscle pain, and continuously grunting at box gyms!  All jokes aside its important to plan your exercise strategically as opposed to spontaneously.  Spontaneous is just fine but don't be afraid to readjust the next day if the body is telling you to!  Also consistent stretching, massage therapy, salt and ice baths, rest, and proper nutrition are all great ways to ward off any aches and prevent injuries.  

I think that is why I believe in my service so much is because I can help clients find their starting point and build upon that.  Slowly chipping away bad habits and creating a well balanced life for themselves through a little guidance.  If you're struggling with anything feel free to give me a call and set up a consultation, have an awesome week!