Sustainability and Longevity!

Today I wanted to touch base on the topic of sustainability and longevity in fitness and nutrition.  I think this is an important topic to touch base on, especially in the fast paced fad world we live in.  The main thing to remember with any health program is there is no end goal and we have to keep educating ourselves, planning, and consistently staying active. 

Nutrition is the most important piece so I want to focus on that first.   I cringe every time I hear the word diet because I know it involves a drastic change which will provide results but not sustainability.  Focus on making small little changes in your current food log and building upon those changes.  The goal is to be consistently good in your nutrition and reward yourself or indulge in moderationwhen needed.  This approach is great because It doesn't restrict us from nutrition which we may need or occasionally want. 

The fitness portion of sustainability and longevity is to ensure you are keeping the body safe in your routine and staying consistent in your activity level.  Many times programs aren't designed with the clients skill level in mind, only to produce results.  We have to listen to our bodies and push ourselves safely, this is the only way to ensure sustainability and longevity in any fitness program.  Sure the results may not come at the rate you desire but remember its all about making a lifestyle change, not large sways in our approach! Let FGF take your approach to another level, give us a call!

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