What sets FGF apart from the rest?

Fight Gravity Fitness is a private studio located in the RINO neighborhood of Denver.  Our programs differentiate from the rest by providing a more personalized service to its clients.  Each clients has 24/7 access to contact their trainer for questions or concerns regarding their program.  Clients are required to keep a food log either electronically or in notebook to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition for their program and to help them slowly make changes towards a healthier lifestyle.  Assessments include weight/body fat/bmi/inches to ensure all bases are covered and we have a thorough idea of how the body is changing.  Scheduling is done online through the mindbody app which allows booking/rescheduling/cancelations with a few simple clicks.  All these combinations ensure clients will get the results they want and help lead them to a healthier lifestyle that'll last!  Book your free consultation today and let us help you achieve your goals!