What is the perfect set/rep/interval?

This question is on the list of everyone's when it comes to working out.  I've seen it asked a million times and have even pondered it myself from time to time, and after years in the gym I've concluded there is no real answer to that question.  I think the main thing is to focus on variation in reps and sets as well as your interval training times.  Of course there's the age old saying high reps low weight equals tone and low reps high weight equals build.  The key is to keep the body guessing, routine will only flat line your progress so mix it up do 8, 10,12reps, 30,40,50 sec intervals, do whatever the hell you want just don't do the same thing.  Well don't do whatever the hell you want which brings me to my next point, form!  Form, form, form is the name of the game and if you want to keep working out you better put it first and foremost.  Variation and moderation in every aspect of fitness and nutrition can lead you to a happy and healthy life.  Give us a call!  FGF