Health Tips for 2015!

1. Eat Colorful- Make sure your plate is filled with color to ensure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables each day.

2.  Mix up your workouts- This will help maximize your results and keep you intrigued for the longevity of a program.

3. Sleep More- This helps us to recharge, allowing you to be more focused throughout the day and to have more energy in your workouts.  We actually burn calories when we sleep and your cravings will decrease as well.

4. Cook at home- Not only will this save you money but its the only way to ensure you know exactly what goes into your food.

5. Get outside- Studies have shown we benefit greatly from Vitamin D and there are a wide variety of outdoor physical activities.

6.  Shop the perimeter-  All of your natural foods are found in the perimeter of the store with your processed foods being mainly in the middle.

7.  Set Goals-  Figure out what you are trying to accomplish and don't stop until you reach them, then set more goals!

8.  Plan Ahead-  Always have good food in stock at home and an idea of what you will cook

9. Get Started- The longer you wait, the harder it will be!  Slowly make small changes to your lifestyle to ensure a complete overall change.  Health and Fitness is a lifestyle, there is no such thing as a diet!