Why the TRX works!

Today we are going to talk about the many benefits of using the TRX Suspension Trainer.  I was introduced to this product a couple years ago and was skeptical at first but it has truly changed my life.  It is such a versatile product that provides what most machines can't which is functional training.  It has elevated my fitness levels as well as many of my clients and has helped me create a mobile/studio training business.  TRX allows you to work every part of the body, on every plane of motion, while stimulating the most important part of the body, the core!

The functional training aspect of the TRX is really what makes the product stand above the rest.  I believe most injuries occur because we fail to train on those specific planes of motion.  Most gym equipment and the basic exercises of the past only train on the Sagittal Plane which leaves the athlete injury prone when utilizing the Frontal and Transverse.  With the TRX you are allowed free movement, not locking you into a fixated position, which in my opinion simulates realistic training.

Another great thing the TRX does is constantly work the core area of the body which is where it all starts.  Most exercises are done in a plank position with the hips fixated stimulating the core to keep you upright.  This helps to improve problems associated in the back such as pain, posture, and strengthening.  I've had clients who have actually grown inches back due to correcting their posture through core strengthening on the TRX.

In Conclusion, the TRX has many great health benefits and can really help to accelerate any fitness levels program.  It can be done almost anywhere that can suspend your bodyweight allowing for a workout anywhere!  If you are interested in trying this product out give us a call or stop by epicryde at 2049 Sheridan Blvd.