What is "The Perfect Workout Routine?"

This weeks blog covers the topic of "The Perfect Workout Routine."  The question seems to come up quite frequently from clients, friends, family, etc on just what is the perfect routine? Dictionary.com defines routine as: commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity: the routine of an office.  While there are some positives we can pull from the definition such as done regularly and everyday activity, there are some negatives as well such as chores, specified intervals, and routine of an office.  While exercise should be done frequently you don't want to make it routine otherwise it will come monotonous and eventually you will discontinue. The truth of the matter is you want your workouts to be consistent but varying.

Understanding that was a broad intro and questions are already starting to pile up, how many reps? How many days a week? What muscle groups each day? STOP!  There is no black and white answer to this question, we are constantly changing as people as well as our bodies.  As a trainer, I essentially interview all of my potential clients before we get started to find out their goals, limitations, hobbies, nutrition, etc. I then take this Information and formulate the best workout plan to set my client up to succeed.  Having spent a lot of time in the gym and being very observant I see so many people fall into the workout routine of same machine and same reps everyday, and then eventually I don't seem them at all.  The other great one is the client who buys 3 sessions, asks for a printout of the workouts, does them repeatedly for 2 weeks, and then disappears.  The perfect fitness routine doesn't come wrapped up in a package, it doesn't exist.  The thing people need to realize is fitness is more than a treadmill and bench press, it's an afternoon hike or bike ride, it's a bootcamp in the park, it's a pickup game of basketball, it's a weekend on the slopes, it's getting worked by your trainer on the TRX.  We need to listen to our bodies and push yourself but don't break yourself.

In conclusion, you want your workouts to be consistent but varying in several aspects of style, repetitions, equipment.  The gym can be a place of creativity like a science lab but safety is a must, form over resistance.  The main thing is to stay active, eat right, and listen to your body.  Give us a call today!