Stay Off the Scale!

Today I want to touch base on one of the most important topics I stress to my clients, staying off the scale!  Although this device is used to help track our progress it can also be a hindrance in helping you reach your goals.  The psychological effects of seeing that number every day and sometimes multiple times a day can really discourage or over empower clients.  The scale should be used on a consistent but moderate basis.

First of all it is important for us to understand the way the body works.  On any given day a person can fluctuate roughly five pounds due to water weight, waste, and current meals.  For instance someone may step on the scale and believe they gained weight when in actuality they are just carrying water weight and or waste.  Think of it like the gas tank in your car, the care will be heavier when you fill it up as opposed to when its empty, but like your car you should be filling up your stomach and burning it off.  It is for this reason we can see swings in our body weight.

This brings me to my next point of the psychological effects of weighing yourself daily.  If we step on the scale and it is up a few more pounds then we expected, all of the sudden we are overcome with a burst of emotions.  They are typically stress induced which is very bad for our metabolism because these negative emotions slow it down.  Not to mention if we overthink it we may be more likely to eat less that day which is not beneficial to our energy levels or metabolic rate.

In conclusion, the scale should be used on a consistent but moderate basis.  I would suggest designating the same time, typically in the morning, once a week or every two weeks.  Keep in mind the ideal number is different for everybody and the picture is much bigger than your number.  Focus rather on how you feel, how the clothes fit, consistency in exercise, your energy levels, and your nutrition because that is truly where success is measured!  

"Eat Clean, Train Mean, Get Lean"